How does the anti-correlation fingerprint browser deal with

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Our life and work are inseparable from the Internet, but have you noticed that with the development of the Internet, it is also quietly intervening in our lives? When you have a hard time choosing a product, web ads offer several relevant options, and when you open a particular website, it automatically logs you into your account, that's why many people hate browser fingerprinting and use anti-fingerprinting browsers reason.

         1. The era of fingerprints has arrived
         In recent years, more and more people have spoken out against third-party cookies. But internet privacy issues remain unsolved thanks to a newer, more modern technology called browser fingerprinting, which can identify users on the internet with 90% accuracy. Browser fingerprinting takes a holistic approach, where a "personality" is defined by multiple attributes that combine to form a unique trace specific to a particular user.
         2. Such signals include:
          1. Device technical characteristics - software, bit rate, CPU clock frequency, RAM capacity, etc.
          2. Local settings - language, time zone.
          3. Device data sent by the browser through the User-Agent.
         Banning third-party cookies does not solve browser privacy concerns. This is because user identification on the World Wide Web works without them. Evasion software and proxies won't help in this case.
         These services only allow you to bypass the block and view websites that are blocked in certain countries. In this case, only the IP of the device is replaced, not other parameters belonging to the fingerprint.
         3. The potential threat of browser fingerprinting.
         The aggregated user data is ultimately stored in the analytics platform's database and sold to third parties. This information goes into the hands of advertising networks and is used to target radio advertisements. At worst, it could fall into the hands of cybercriminals, get phished and lose money.
         All this information stealing is done with the help of the browser and with the tacit consent of the developers. In addition, the company that released the software itself profited from the violation of user privacy. We also use the collected statistical data for our own purposes.
          4. Than using bit fingerprint browser - the best way to prevent browser identification
         However, some browsers may be able to provide more anonymity on the Internet. After all, not all software publishers are solely after commercial interests. Professional anti-fingerprint browsers generally do not block third-party cookies or trackers, but perform fingerprint spoofing.
         Bit fingerprint browser, fingerprint replacement allows users to customize and modify fingerprint parameters in the configuration file of bit fingerprint browser, and detects the address of websites that use fake fingerprints. SSL encryption technology can be used to detect real information of users. Data encryption ensures user information security.
         Anti-fingerprint browsers are also slowing down to a certain extent, because anti-fingerprint browsers are an indispensable tool for social media marketing, advertising, cross-border e-commerce and many other industries that value browser information security. It has replaced traditional browsers as an integral part of our daily work.