Use Cases

Learn How BitBrowser Can Help You Grow Faster

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Place marketing ads in multiple accounts to spread risk.

  • E-commerce


    To reduce the risk of online retail through several independent business accounts.

  • Web Crawler

    Web Crawler

    Replace virtual machines and other resource consuming devices with virtual browser profiles. We prepared convenient, rapidly browser fingerprinting tools for you.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Operating across thousands of social media accounts simultaneously and managing team members' individual access rights to account groups.

  • Ad Verification

    Ad Verification

    Eliminate misleading ad creatives and broken links by simulating users, different devices and geographies to validate ad targeting and delivery.

  • Retail Price Comparison

    Retail Price Comparison

    Retailers algorithmically adjust the prices of their products based on a visitor's geographic location, device and browser history. To avoid account blocking or being scammed with a real visitor to compare price.

  • Advertising Spy

    Advertising Spy

    By analyzing which social media accounts served which ads, to reverse design the user target positioning of the original advertising marketing.

  • Brand Protection

    Brand Protection

    Scout blocked resources in different regions to monitor and prevent illegally exploiting your brands.

  • Talent Search

    Talent Search

    Gather information and connect more efficiently with job seekers and employers.

  • Journalism and Detective Investigation

    Journalism and Detective Investigation

    A reporter or detective can use a disguised identity to gain access to various parties during the investigation.

  • Self Verification

    Self Verification

    Run Selenium tests in a LIVE environment to see how your website performs in various traffic analysis and filtering system setups. See how your site performing based on the specific visitors.