How to choose a good ISP proxy? Use BitFingerprint Browser to protect account security

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In today's era of digitalization sweeping the world, the importance of IP addresses in many fields such as data collection, market research, and online marketing is becoming more and more significant. Among them, ISP static residential IP proxy service has become the goal pursued by many enterprises and individuals due to its excellent stability, high security and strong trust. However, when the market is flooded with a variety of ISP static residential IP proxy service providers, how to select a service provider that is both trustworthy and of high quality is undoubtedly a key issue that requires in-depth thinking. What follows is a comprehensive analysis of this issue and practical recommendations:

1. Clear selection criteria and key points to note


When we choose ISP static residential IP proxy services, we must clearly establish a series of key criteria.
Speed ​​and stability: Speed ​​is undoubtedly one of the core indicators of agency services, but the importance of stability must not be ignored. An ideal service should not only ensure high-speed transmission, but also demonstrate excellent stable performance. For example, when downloading large-scale data, it is necessary to have a fast download speed without frequent interruptions or freezes.
Customer support: A high-quality customer support team can help you quickly and professionally when you encounter problems. Therefore, when choosing, please make sure that the service provider can provide 24/7 customer service and support multiple communication methods, such as phone, email and online customer service.
Price and contract terms: Be sure to carefully study the composition of the price and various terms of the contract to prevent being restricted by hidden fees and unreasonable long-term contracts. For example, some service providers will set some difficult-to-detect additional fees in the contract, or require a long-term contract but do not provide corresponding benefits and guarantees.
Transparency: Excellent ISP proxy service providers should disclose their service details and terms of use to ensure that users can clearly understand the specific content and scope of the purchased services.

2. Avoid the temptation trap of “low price”

When choosing an ISP’s static residential IP proxy service, don’t be fooled by the low price.
Recognize the true cost: An underpriced service may seem attractive at first, but in the long run, it may lead to additional costs due to slow speeds, unstable connections, etc. For example, work is interrupted due to unstable connections, resulting in loss of time and efficiency.
Understand the background in depth: Before making a choice, conduct an in-depth background investigation on the service provider and become familiar with its reputation in the industry and customer feedback. For example, you can check relevant industry forums or user review websites to learn about other users’ real experiences.
Trial experience: Many service providers will provide a trial period. Be sure to make full use of this time to comprehensively evaluate the quality of the service to ensure that it can meet your actual needs. For example, various common usage scenarios can be simulated during the trial period to test the stability and speed of the service.

3. Effectively guarantee security and privacy

At a time when network security and privacy protection are increasingly valued, when we choose ISP static residential IP proxy services, we must focus on the following aspects:
Encryption technology: Give priority to service providers that support advanced encryption technology to ensure security during data transmission. For example, the use of AES256-bit encryption technology can effectively prevent data from being stolen or tampered with during transmission.
No-log policy: Make sure that the service provider strictly implements a no-log policy, which means that they will not record or store any information about your online activities.
Additional security measures: High-quality service providers will also provide additional security measures, such as built-in anti-virus software and firewalls, to provide a solid guarantee for your network security. Just like the real-time virus monitoring and protection functions provided by some service providers, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of malware, using a fingerprint browser is also one of the solutions chosen by many people.

Bit Fingerprint Browser protects your account security


BitBrowser is a high-end multi-account management tool that can create unique browser fingerprints for users to help users simulate various online identities. Each browser environment is equipped with unique cookies, unique browser fingerprints, independent cache folders, etc.
For websites, each browser environment is like a separate user. This fingerprint isolation technology is extremely critical for users who need to control multiple accounts at the same time, especially when avoiding account association and being banned.
However, relying solely on fingerprint isolation cannot fully guarantee the security of your account. IP address is another important identifier of a user in the Internet world. If multiple accounts log in through the same IP address, there may be a correlation between these accounts, thereby increasing the risk of being banned. Therefore, when you use a fingerprint browser, you also need to pay attention to IP isolation. Try to configure different IP addresses for multiple accounts under the same platform.

Configure IP in BitBrowser

In BitBrowser, you can configure a static proxy IP for each browser environment to ensure that the same IP is used every time you log in. This is especially important for accounts that need to rely on fixed IPs for operations.
Or, you can also choose to use IP and use a different IP address each time you open the browser. (The change mode of proxy IP needs to be confirmed with the proxy service provider, and you need to select a static IP according to your own business scenario).
When creating a browser environment in BitBrowser, in the [Agent Configuration] column, you must first select the proxy type, and then fill in the proxy host, port, proxy account, password and other information. If you want to know more settings, you can go to BitBrowser Help Center.


When choosing an ISP static residential IP proxy service, in addition to paying attention to price factors, you should also focus on the overall cost-effectiveness, stability and security of the service. By carefully researching and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different service providers, you will be able to find the one that best meets your needs. The combination of BitBrowser fingerprint browser and IP isolation strategy provides users with a powerful tool. By correctly configuring a static IP in BitBrowser, users can greatly reduce account risks caused by IP issues. If your account has been blocked because of multiple Chrome browsers, you may want to try BitBrowser. This new type of anti-correlation browser.