How to set up PingProxies in BitBrowser?

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  To use PingProxies with BitBrowser, you must first set PingProxies.You can follow the following:

  1. Log in to the PingProxies platform to create your exclusive account, as shown in the figure below:


       2. Select the server position. And extract the proxy IP address of the corresponding position:


       3. Log in to the BitBrowser and find the "proxy IP" button, as shown in the figure below:


      4. Select the account platform from the list, and fill in the required information for other information.


       5.Select Proxiware for the search channel, and Socks5 for the proxy type.



     6.Fill in the proxy address and proxy port, and then click the "Check Proxy" button.


       After completing the above steps, the proxy is successful.Now you can enjoy your new proxy

  If you want to know more information, please visit their website:PingProxies