BitBrowser 6.0.8 upgrade log

Time: 2024-03-29 16:26 Author: 指纹浏览器管理员 Click:
1. Optimize window arrangement to support arranging on specified displays when using multiple monitors.
2. Introduce the /alldisplays interface to fetch a list of all displays. The custom arrangement interface now includes the screenId parameter for specifying the display.
3. WebRTC introduces a "Privacy" option. Websites can detect the activation of WebRTC but cannot access the IP address.
4. Enhance custom extensions.
5. Improve compatibility with more formats when setting cookies using the /browser/cookies/set endpoint.
6. Add the /browser/close/all interface to close all currently open windows.
7. The Firefox kernel introduces "Sync LocalStorage" and "Sync Bookmarks" functionalities.
8. RPA workflow design now supports kernel selection.
9. Add a commonly used setting to "Disable webpage popup notifications," supporting the Chrome kernel.
10. Add a commonly used setting to "Disallow websites from reading clipboard content," supporting the Chrome kernel.