BitBrowser 6.0.9 upgrade log

Time: 2024-04-30 14:34 Author: 指纹浏览器管理员 Click:

1. Optimize API to fix the issue where the window cannot be closed in some cases.
2. Optimize the login to Google to resolve the security warning caused by disabling web push notifications.
3. Add a 'sort' parameter to browser/list API, allowing sorting by 'desc' or 'asc'.
4. Introduce a new API endpoint, /rpa/run, to execute RPA tasks via API calls.
5. Add a new API endpoint, /rpa/stop, to stop RPA tasks via API calls.
6. Open /autopaste for simulated input interface, see documentation for details.
7. Optimize window behavior to reconnect and focus when minimized.
8. System settings: Custom browser icons now display custom sorting order numbers.
9. System settings: Add global setting for "Process Guard", which periodically clears residual processes to prevent issues during script execution.