About BitBrowser

BitBrowser is an exclusive browser for global cross-border users developed by HongKong Bit-Internet Technology Limited.
Based on the in-depth development of the global mainstream Chrome kernel, a completely independent browser environment is created for each cross-border store. Matching separate device information and a pure new number segment IP, to ensure security; Store and login authorization can effectively support team management without any risk.
Base different industries characteristics and the usage habits, BitBrowser quickly respond to customer needs and services to pursue the ultimate product and efficiency constantly.

Values and Vision

  • Safe and Smart

    Safe and Smart

    Always remember that security and efficiency are the cornerstone of the survival of BitBrowser and the reason why customers choose BitBrowser.

  • Service Quality

    Service Quality

    Accurately convey customer requirements and expectations to the entire value chain of BitBrowser, and jointly build service quality.

  • Comply Rules

    Comply Rules

    Respect the rules and processes, get it right the first time; unleash the full potential of all employees, and continually improve.

  • Fast Respond

    Fast Respond

    Balance opportunities and risks with customers, quickly respond and achieve sustainable development.

  • Create Value

    Create Value

    Provide customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, especially strive to create value for each customer.

  • Win Win

    Win Win

    Persist in opening borders, shake hands with the world, and achieve win-win value with cross-border e-commerce partners.