Why was Depop banned? How to safely create a Depop account to start selling? Detailed answer

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Amid the epidemic, many people's consumption levels have dropped, and a large number of vertical platforms are currently emerging in the U.S. market. Depop is one of them, with an audience of 70 million. Nowadays, Eaby, AMZ e-commerce and other platforms have higher and higher requirements for sellers. Depop may be a good choice for you, but there is a risk of being banned when Depop is initially used. This article will introduce to you why Depop was banned? And how to safely create a Depop account to start selling?

Introduction to Depop:

Headquartered in London, England, Depop is a fashion-forward resale marketplace. Some describe it as "a little bit eBay and a little bit Instagram" because of its direct market model and strong focus on trends and aesthetics. Depop is a second-hand fashion trading platform with unique charm. It attracts many fashion lovers with its user-friendly interface and convenient operation. Not only does it provide an opportunity for people to sell items they no longer need, it also promotes the reuse of second-hand items, which is environmentally sustainable, with one in three people aged 16 to 24 in the UK using the app.

​As a beginner, how do I sell on Depop?

Follow these steps to get started on Depop:
1. Name your store and create your account
2. Conduct research to become familiar with the Depop community
3. Select your inventory by shopping at thrift stores, clearing out your closet, or accepting hand-me-downs from family and friends
4. Take neat photos of your items and use photo editors to enhance them
5. Determine the sales price of your items
6. Verify your account and enable Depop payments (or use a verified PayPal account)
7. Visit Seller Central on Depop to create your first listing
8. Write detailed product descriptions
9. Prepare your shipping items

What is the reason why many people are always blocked when registering for Depop?

There are many users around the world who use online market platforms for business reasons. Depop is one of them, with strong community guidelines and user data protection technology. However, you may only operate the account if you comply with the relevant rules and regulations. Please pay special attention to the following reasons related to Depop accounts to avoid being involved:
Duplicate PayPal accounts: Although registering for Depop allows the use of duplicate PayPal accounts, if there is a problem with a store bound to this account, it may lead to problems in multiple stores.
Selling prohibited items: Depop has clarified the prohibited items that cannot be sold on its platform. In some countries/regions, more common products or items include weapons, tobacco, drugs, and illegal substances. Selling any of these items may result in a permanent ban from your Depop login account.
Counterfeit and shoddy goods: This platform implements a zero-tolerance policy against the sale of counterfeit goods. Users found to be selling counterfeit or counterfeit goods, such as designer accessories, replicas or counterfeit homewares, may have their accounts permanently banned.
Participating in fraudulent activities: Participating in fraudulent activities, such as defrauding buyers or sellers, or delivering abnormal items, may result in a permanent ban from the platform. Even after appeal, you will have difficulty getting your account back.
Inappropriate language: Depop has strict rules regarding the language and behavior that users can use on the platform. Writing product descriptions using inappropriate language or engaging in harassment, bullying or hate speech on the online Depop platform may result in a ban.
Polluted IP: Registering Depop with a polluted IP will run the risk of being banned. A polluted IP means that a Depop account has been registered on the IP but has been banned. The IP will be marked by Depop, making it impossible to register again.

How to create multiple Depop accounts safely?

When selling on Depop, store groups are undoubtedly a good method. You can quickly sell on the Depop platform by quickly adding products. However, when you use multiple Depop accounts for matrix sales, you may find that through It is very difficult to manage a store group with a single account, and creating a second account under the same IP address will result in a permanent ban, which makes how to create multiple Depop accounts undoubtedly a difficulty. Now it can be solved very well with BitBrowser, let’s learn about it together.
BitBrowser is an anti-detection browser that allows you to register multiple Depop accounts under the same IP address and helps you manage them using a single platform. With its upgraded anti-browsing technology, BitBrowser can protect your store security and provide you with the following features:
All-in-one multi-functional platform: This is an all-in-one platform that allows you to securely manage all your accounts. By using BitBrowser, your IP address cannot be traced, reducing the possibility of detection or blocking.
Secure browser fingerprint identification: Provide a unique fingerprint identification for each account based on the fingerprint characteristics of the browser. This identifier is unique to each device, allowing users to log in to multiple accounts on a single device without switching.
Anti-detection browsing: Provides multiple types of browser fingerprints to make it difficult for websites to block your account. These fingerprints are advanced and unique, with no overlap, effectively evading detection.
​Easy collaboration: The platform provides a reliable alternative to the browser when it comes to collaborating with others. You can work alone and remain hidden from others on the network, ensuring smooth remote collaboration.


This article explains why Depop is blocked? How to safely create a Depop account to start selling? How to register an account safely if you want to sell on Depop is undoubtedly a problem. Using BitBrowser can undoubtedly solve this problem well. If your IP The address has been blocked, so it is recommended that you use BitBrowser to register a Depop account now. Click here to start downloading BitBrowser.

  Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: How to sell on Depop without PayPal?

Answer: Use Depop Payment, which is the native payment service on Depop. The company recently announced that they will be discontinuing PayPal from their platform and sellers will be required to use Depop Payments for all transactions.

Question: What payment methods does Depop support?

Answer: Depop supports "PayPal + International Bank" payment collection, and you can also use "Depop Wallet + International Bank" payment collection. To open a Depop wallet, you only need to fill in the store information, person in charge information and contact information in the Depop wallet.

Question: What is Depop’s profit model?

Answer: Depop’s profit model is to extract a 10% commission from the goods sold by the seller.