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This is a scene of every seller of Amazon or EBAY stores, and other shop platforms -receiving an email notification to inform your account that has been suspended. Once this happens, the shops you pay for a long time may end. Even if you appeal and even submit a detailed action plan (POA) application, restoring your account will be extremely difficult. For e -commerce sellers, this situation can be avoided. Using a BitBrowser may be a way you need to understand.
The main reasons for the banned e -commerce account:
Effective and unique account information must be used. If you use the same information to create multiple accounts or share setting information with others, this violates most e -commerce platforms. If you use the same brand name or logo as other sellers with copyrights in your account, or infringe on the intellectual property rights of others in other ways, even if it is unintentional, your account may be banned. Sellers selling controlled items such as medicines, food, jewelry and watches usually need to obtain pre -approval or provision of qualification certification evidence.
On most e -commerce websites, if you operate multiple accounts on the same platform, you will face the risk of banned accounts. Although multi -account operations are important sources of income for many small companies and large companies, they initially prohibited the behavior of selling the same products by multiple accounts. Now, even if you operate multiple store accounts for other reasons, such as providing separate sales for different brands or niche products, or providing customer accounts in the management agency, you will face the risk of banned accounts.
If your seller's account is banned or the seller's privilege is suspended, do not immediately create an same account. If you use the same registration information as the previous account, your account may be banned again. The method of securely operating multiple accounts on the e -commerce platform is to avoid using the same registration information details. E -commerce giants will find the existence of multiple accounts by detecting inconsistency in your "browser fingerprint". To avoid this, you can use a BitBrowser to run multiple independent account browser configuration files. Each configuration file is regarded as an independent device so that your account will not be related to each other.
BitBrowser has the ability to simulate different user environment, making your account look more real and natural. Through the BitBrowser, you can easily create multiple independent e -commerce shops. Each shop has a unique identity information and browser environment, effectively avoiding the risk of being banned by the store.
The advantage of the BitBrowser is not only its anti -detection ability, but also its efficient management function. You can quickly switch different accounts through the BitBrowser, perform batch operations and promotion, which greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, it can also help you monitor the operating effects of each account in real time, allow you to adjust your strategy in time, optimize the operating effect, and further improve your income.