What are the key elements of cross-border e-commerce anti-as

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Now cross-border e-commerce is relatively hot, and there are many domestic cross-border e-commerce sellers. However, one of the problems faced by sellers is that cross-border e-commerce platforms have regulations that one identity information can only have one account on the same site. If multiple accounts are found, account association judgment is required. Which browser is the best for cross-border e-commerce anti-association?

          1. Which browser is the best for cross-border e-commerce anti-association?
         There are many cross-border e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, AliExpress, ebay, wish, lazada, shopee, Wal-Mart and other e-commerce platforms. What tools should we use?
         One issue to consider when using and choosing a tool is preventing multiple account associations. In addition, how effective is this tool, can it help you solve related problems, the charging price, and what advantages should be considered when choosing a cross-border e-commerce browser?
          2. How to prevent association of cross-border e-commerce?
         If it is account anti-association, we recommend using the bitbrowser fingerprint . This is a browser that provides services for cross-border e-commerce merchants. The main reasons why cross-border e-commerce companies choose to use browsers are:
          (1) Multifunctional
         We have cross-border e-commerce on many platforms, as well as off-site promotion. At this time, it is very suitable for us to choose the BitFingerprint browser. On the other hand, platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay can also use platforms such as Facebook for account maintenance and For promotion, we can manage our own e-commerce social accounts. If we do this, the benefits are still obvious.
          (2) Account Security
         Another reason to choose a BitFingerprint browser is account security. Because I choose to use these tools. A large part of the purpose is to maintain account security. Bit's cross-border e-commerce browser is very advanced both in technology and in the process of use, and the effect is relatively good.
         What browser is suitable for cross-border e-commerce? In the cross-border e-commerce industry, the association of multiple accounts is more important. To do cross-border e-commerce, you need a good cross-border browser to get better results. You should choose The browser that goes beyond e-commerce.