What is browser fingerprinting, should cross-border e-commer

Time: 2023-01-29 15:15 Author: 指纹浏览器管理员 Click:
In order to prevent your information from being stolen and discover your user's abnormal login in time, we can identify you by checking the characteristics of the browser you use. This information that can be used to identify you is your browser fingerprint, which allows browsers to modify the browser environment to establish multiple identities.
         1. The role of the fingerprint browser
          (1) Advertising, social marketing
         Create multiple advertising and marketing accounts, and facilitate account login and management.
          (2) E-commerce platform
         Opening multiple stores, sharing risks, registering a buyer account and swiping orders through a fingerprint browser can increase the store's praise and exposure opportunities.
          (3) Ad Verification
         Use the fingerprint browser to simulate the user's local device to deliver advertisements to eliminate misleading advertisements.
          (4) Protection of user privacy
         The fingerprint browser creates a virtual independent browsing environment, prevents websites from retrieving your real information, and fully protects your privacy.
         2. Which fingerprint browser is easy to use?
         Bit fingerprint browser is a relatively mature fingerprint browser in China. Released earlier than other fingerprint browsers, that is to say, it has better technical accumulation and more complete functions.
         Physical separation is achieved by modifying the underlying code of the browser kernel. Creating a browser configuration file with a BitFingerprint browser is equivalent to establishing an independent virtual browser environment. The anti-association effect is good, and it also supports simple browserization to help you complete repetitive tasks. The configuration file of the bit fingerprint browser can be transferred and shared, which is very suitable for team use.
         In recent years, with the increasing globalization of the economy, more and more small partners have begun to get involved in cross-border business. Bit Fingerprint Browser is our account security and personal privacy protector. If you are still hesitating, you can try it for free.
        The new online synchronization system of BitFingerprint Browser was born to facilitate the window synchronization operation of BitBrowser users. The main features are: 1. By setting the main browser window, all mouse and keyboard events in the main window are sent to multiple controlled windows, which can serve multiple purposes. 2. All browser windows can perform batch synchronization operations. This includes basic window operations, window layout operations, tab page operations, simulated input of the same text, simulated input of different texts, one-key identification verification code printing, etc.