What is an anti-association fingerprint browser, and is ther

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       When talking about the cross-border e-commerce industry, many people think of anti-association browsers, fingerprint browsers or anti-fingerprint browsers, which are mainly used for cross-border e-commerce anti-association and fingerprint browsers. What does Anti-Fingerprint Browser do?
         What is an anti-association fingerprint browser?
         In fact, when anti-association fingerprinting browsers first came out, there were anti-fingerprinting and anti-fingerprinting browsers to combat this kind of tracking of users on the Internet.
         Certain platforms may capture your browser, hardware type, operating system, configuration, and various other user usage information when you log into them to create a unique "fingerprint." In particular, after obtaining fingerprint information, some cross-border e-commerce platforms will compare the fingerprint information with other cross-border e-commerce platforms, and link these accounts if they find the same. What about anti-association fingerprint browsers? This means that fingerprint information changes over the course of use, so the information between those fingerprints can vary, making the accounts uncorrelated. Therefore, anti-correlation fingerprint browsers are now widely used in cross-border e-commerce anti-correlation industries.
         The anti-association fingerprint browser is better, so is there any better anti-association fingerprint browser?
         If cross-border e-commerce companies want to use anti-association fingerprint browsers, we can recommend you to use bit fingerprint browsers. The bit fingerprint browser is mainly used as an anti-association fingerprint browser, and it is professional because of its focus. Secondly, in terms of use, the anti-association effect is still very good. Many cross-border e-commerce sellers use the bit fingerprint browser to prevent association, so the bit fingerprint browser is still reliable.
         BitBrowser Fingerprint  is a completely free fingerprint browser. The price of anti-fingerprint browsers on the market is relatively high, so cross-border e-commerce sellers who want to use fingerprint browsers strongly recommend using Bit Fingerprint Browser!
         After reading the above sharing, everyone must have a certain understanding of what is an anti-association fingerprint browser. The anti-association fingerprint browser is very suitable for sellers in the cross-border e-commerce industry.